watchOS SDK Release Notes for watchOS 2 Beta 4



watchOS SDK 2.0 beta provides support for developing watchOS apps. It is packaged with a complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for watchOS. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

This version of watchOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of watchOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

Bug Reporting

For issues not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, please file bugs through the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and watchOS SDK 2.0 in the Apple Developer Forums:

Autosubmission of Diagnostic and Usage Data

Location Services, Diagnostics and Usage, and Contacts settings are shared between Apple Watch and iPhone. By default, the iOS 9 beta automatically sends anonymous diagnostic and usage data back to Apple. This includes information about crashes, freezes, kernel panics, and information about how you use Apple and third-party software, hardware, and services. This information is used to help Apple improve the quality and performance of its products and services. You can stop autosubmission of diagnostics and usage data by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage > Don’t Send on your iOS 9 iPhone.

Notes and Known Issues

Activation Lock


Activation Lock is enabled on your Apple Watch if you have Find My iPhone enabled on your iPhone.

Apple Pay

Fixed in Beta 4

Apple Pay is not functional.


Known Issue

Your app may crash when using NSNumber and NSDate objects with the WCSession API.

Workaround: Convert an NSNumber or NSDate object to a string before calling WCSession APIs. Do the opposite conversion on the receiving side.


Known Issue

Contact syncing doesn’t work in Simulator.


Fixed in Beta 4

Known Issues

File Transfers

Fixed in Beta 4

File transfers fail from Watch to iPhone.


Fixed in Beta 4

You may not see your glance appear while debugging in Simulator or on a device.

Known Issues

Glances become unusable when you have attached with a debugger.


Fixed in Beta 4

Haptic feedback does not work with this beta.



Keychain items created on an Apple Watch are not viewable on an iOS device.


Fixed in Beta 4

The following callbacks in WKExtensionDelegate have not yet been implemented.

  • - (void)didReceiveRemoteNotification:(NSDictionary *)userInfo;

  • - (void)didReceiveLocalNotification:(UILocalNotification *)notification;


Fixed in Beta 4

If you disable the "Fitness Tracking" privacy setting on the companion device for your app, the app on the Watch side will still receive motion updates.


Known Issue

When invoking Siri by pressing the Digital Crown from the watch face, Home screen, or over an app, you may see words that you did not speak added to the Siri request.


  • Use Hey Siri instead of the Digital Crown to trigger Siri.

  • Trigger Siri using the Digital Crown with Siri already in the foreground.

Watch App

Known Issues

  • Pairing iOS 9 beta 3 with watchOS 2 beta 1 or 2 requires you to sign out of your AppleID in Messages prior to pairing and to skip iCloud sign-in during pairing. Pairing with watchOS 2 beta 3 and WatchOS 1 is not impacted.

  • Tapping Cancel does not work in the iForgot work flows in Watch Setup Assistant.


Known Issue

Some apps that run in Simulator may fail to launch on device.

Note: If you see this, please file a Radar so that we can follow up to obtain logs.

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