iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 9 Beta 3



iOS SDK 9.0 provides support for developing iOS apps. It is packaged with a complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9. You can also test your apps using the included Simulator, which supports iOS 9. iOS SDK 9.0 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.10.3 (Yosemite) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

For issues not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, please file bugs through the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 9.0 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Autosubmission of Diagnostic and Usage Data

By default, the iOS 9 beta automatically sends anonymous diagnostic and usage data back to Apple. This includes information about crashes, freezes, kernel panics, and information about how you use Apple and third-party software, hardware, and services. This information is used to help Apple improve the quality and performance of its products and services. You can stop autosubmission of diagnostics and usage data by going to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics and Usage > Don’t Send.

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 9.0 to develop code.


Known Issue

Lightning video dongles don’t work with this beta.

Activation Lock

Fixed in Beta 3

Your iPhone may indicate that Activation Lock is turned on for your Apple Watch when it is not.

App Extensions

Known Issue

Debugging an action or sharing extension can cause the extension to be missing in the UIActivityViewController object.

Workaround: Go to the More list and go back to show the extension again.

App Store


iOS 9 enforces the UILaunchImages requirement; apps can no longer declare the same launch image to support different interface orientations.

Known Issue

Users might be prompted twice for credentials on the first In-App Purchase.

Apple ID


Beginning with this beta, some users will be offered the option to upgrade their Apple ID to use two-factor authentication. For more information about two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication is not supported on iOS 9 betas prior to beta 3.

Known Issues

  • Attempting to create a new Apple ID via Game Center may cause a crash.

  • iForgot links may work intermittently.

    Workaround: Please try again.

  • If you upgrade your Apple ID to use two-factor authentication, iTunes purchases on Mac and Windows and store purchases on Apple TV will require you to append a six-digit verification code to the end of your password on every purchase. The six-digit code will display automatically on your iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan devices, or can be sent to your trusted phone number via a text message or phone call.

  • If your Apple ID uses two-factor authentication, you may not be able to sign in to services that use Apple ID on iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan beta installations earlier than beta 3.

  • If you disable two-factor authentication and set a new password at, the password requirements are not indicated so your password may not be accepted.

    Workaround: Make sure your password meets these requirements:

    • Have at least one lowercase letter

    • Have at least one uppercase letter

    • Have at least one number

    • Your password must not contain more than two consecutive identical characters

    • Not be the same as the account name

    • Be at least 8 characters

    • Not be a common password

  • You cannot manage your two-factor authentication trusted devices at

    Workaround: You can find and manage trusted devices in Settings > iCloud > yourName > Devices.

  • Removing a device from your account removes it as a trusted device for two-factor authentication, but will not sign out of any services or permanently remove it from the device list.

    Workaround: To fully remove a device, click Remove From Account then sign out of iCloud in device Settings of the device you want to remove.

  • If you enter an incorrect verification code for a two-factor authentication account in Setup Assistant, it may hang.

    Workaround: Press the Home button and go back to start setup again.

  • During Setup Assistant, tapping Cancel on the prompt that prompts you to enter the code for two-factor authentication will result in getting stuck at the login screen.

    Workaround: Press the Home button and go back to start setup again.

  • Apps that use app-specific passwords cause multiple notifications if your account uses two-factor authentication.

    Workaround: Disable the app in this beta.


Known Issue

The OpenAL framework is not available in this beta.



  • The canUseNetworkResourcesForLiveStreamingWhilePaused property has been added to AVPlayerItem. The default value is NOfalse for apps linked on or after iOS 9.0 or OS X 10.11, but YEStrue for apps that were linked earlier.

    To minimize power usage, set this property to NOfalse if you do not need playback state to stay up to date while paused.

  • AVQueuePlayer now supports a mixture of file-based media and HTTP Live Streaming media in its queue. Prior to this, you had to ensure that all items in the queue were of the same type.

  • For apps linked against iOS 9 or later, the media interruption behavior for AV(Queue)Player has changed.

    Before iOS 9, apps could interrupt other media-playing clients by associating or adding AVPlayerItem to AVPlayer or by modifying the time or date of the currentAVPlayerItem (using the seekToTime: or seekToDate: methods). In iOS 9, these operations interrupt only when AVPlayer object’s playback rate is changed to a non-zero value through the rate property or play method.

  • Picture in Picture playback might stop and the Picture in Picture button might disappear when using AVPlayerViewController for video playback and replacing the underlyingAVPlayer object’s current item using replaceCurrentItemWithPlayerItem:.

  • The AVPictureInPictureController interface and the cancelPictureInPicture method are deprecated.


Fixed in Beta 3

Calendar Time to Leave alerts may not be sent.


Known Issue

You can’t take photos in the Camera app using the side volume buttons with this beta.



The retrievePeripherals: and retrieveConnectedPeripherals methods were deprecated in iOS 7.0 and removed in iOS 9.0. Apps that use these methods will crash on launch or upon pairing an accessory.


Fixed in Beta 3

In this beta, FaceTime calls do not connect on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPad Air 2.

Family Sharing

Known Issues

  • Adding a family member inline fails.

    Workaround: Use invite to add family members.

  • Ask To Buy notifications don’t respond when tapped.

File Providers

Known Issue

On certain devices, the Document Picker is not displayed. Instead, you just see a white screen.



  • There is new Foundation API that can be used to detect if the device is in Low Power Mode. See the updated Energy Efficiency Guide for iOS Apps for details.

  • Horizontal location constraints should consistently reference either left/right or leading/trailing attributes. For apps linked against the iOS 9 SDK, NSLayoutConstraint will throw an exception if you attempt to create a constraint between a leading/trailing attribute and a left/right attribute.


Known Issue

GLKMesh and GLKMeshBuffer objects initialize incorrectly in this beta, which limits the use of GLKit with Model I/O.


Known Issue

Handoff does not work with an iOS 9 device that does not have a passcode set.


Known Issue

In rare circumstances, it is possible for the health database to be deleted during the upgrade to the beta.

Workaround: To make sure the health database is not lost, make an encrypted iTunes backup prior to installing this beta.

Although keeping the device unlocked for the duration of the upgrade process reduces the risk of the database being destroyed, it’s recommended that you create a backup so that you can recover the database if you encounter this issue.


Fixed in Beta 3

  • Accessories that support multiple communication paths to HomeKit may appear duplicated.

  • Location-based event triggers do not work in Simulator.

  • After using HomeKit accessories or developing with the HomeKit framework, backing up to iTunes will result in an unrestorable backup.

iCloud Backup

Fixed in Beta 3

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, signing into your iTunes account while restoring from an iCloud backup may get stuck sending your verification code.

Known Issue

In rare cases, restoring from an iCloud backup will not restore your applications.

Workaround: In Settings > General > Reset, choose Erase All Contents and Settings, and then re-attempt the restore.

iCloud Drive

Fixed in Beta 3

Tapping an iCloud Drive document in search results doesn't do anything.

Instant HotSpot

Fixed in Beta 3

Some devices crash on connection to Instant Hotspot.


Fixed in Beta 3

There are display issues with QuickType suggestions in share sheets.


Russian, Turkish, and Korean QuickType keyboards require iOS 9 beta 2 or later.

Known Issue

If you use a complex passcode on an iPad, some panes in Settings will now show the keyboard.


Fixed in Beta 3

Under certain circumstances, when enabling iCloud keychain on an OS X El Capitan or iOS 9 system using the iCloud Security Code, you may see “incorrect security code” or “could not set up iCloud keychain” even if you’ve entered the correct security code and SMS verification code.

Known Issues

  • You may be unable to join an existing iCloud Keychain circle using iCloud Security Code and SMS Verification Code.

    Workaround: Approve from another device.

  • After changing your iCloud password, you may see an “iCloud Keychain Reset” prompt.

    Workaround: Re-enable iCloud Keychain.

  • If you have two-step verification enabled on your AppleID and then change your iCloud Keychain or iCloud Security Code on a non-trusted device, you see a “Verification Failed” error.

    Workaround: Log out of iCloud, log back into the account, and enable iCloud Keychain.

  • If your iCloud account uses two-factor authentication, you will get a sign-in alert on all logged-in iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan devices whenever there is a change in the phone number in Settings > iCloud > Keychain > Advanced.


Fixed in Beta 3

For devices on which English is not the default language, some content may appear in English instead of the expected language.


Fixed in Beta 3

MapKit’s MKDirections do not get directions or ETA responses from MapKit in this beta.


Known Issue

A Yahoo mail account may periodically display “Cannot get mail.”


Known Issues

  • When recording audio messages, the audio glyphs are not shown. This occurs both in quick reply and in the Messages app.

  • When you send an audio message, it may be difficult to begin playback.


Known Issue

MTKMesh and MTKMeshBuffer objects initialize incorrectly in this beta, which limits the use of MetalKit with Model I/O.


Fixed in Beta 3

The Radio tab is not available in the Music app.


When users plug in headphones or connect to Bluetooth or CarPlay in their car, their favorite music app appears on the lock screen or the car display.

For your app to be eligible for this, it must publish to Now Playing upon launch and consistently maintain a Now Playing state. A common practice upon launch is to continue playing the track from when the app was last exited.

Known Issues

  • The share sheet may not appear when sharing tracks from Apple Music.

  • It may not be possible to Love an album or playlist.

  • The New tab may not load if you are not signed into Apple Music.

  • The Apple Music signup screen may not display correctly.



When negotiating a TLS/SSL connection with Diffie-Hellman key exchange, iOS 9 requires a 1024-bit group or larger. These connections include:

  • Secure Web (HTTPS)

  • Enterprise Wi-Fi (802.1X)

  • Secure e-mail (IMAP, POP, SMTP)

  • Printing servers (IPPS)


Known Issues

  • Call history may be lost upon upgrade to this beta.

  • Voicemail may be unavailable after an erase install.

    Workaround: Reboot the device.

Photo Booth

Known Issue

Photos taken with Photo Booth are not saved.


Fixed in Beta 3

After restoring from iCloud backup, photos not stored in iCloud Photo Library fail to display thumbnails.


Fixed in Beta 3

If you change the media type of content in iTunes to "podcast episode," and then sync those podcasts, the Podcast app will crash on launch.



  • “Find on Page” is now available both from the share sheet as well as in the Completions List.

  • Request Desktop Site has moved; it’s now in the Share sheet instead of Favorites.

  • Web Browser–to–Native App Handoff does not work with your app if the apple-app-site-association file isn’t correctly formatted and signed. For more information, seeHandoff Programming Guide and Shared Web Credentials Reference.

Known Issue

If you use Autofill on iPad, passwords may not be automatically entered into login fields.

Workaround: Manually input the text. Your passwords can be found in Settings > Safari > Passwords.


Fixed in Beta 3

  • Tapping a Mail message, Maps favorites, Note, or Message in search results does not open the app on some devices.

  • When submitting an activity to be searchable with NSUserActivity, the metadata (attributeSet) does not get added to the index. The title and keywords property are the only activity metadata added to the index.


Fixed in Beta 3

  • You may see a black screen when trying to add Google or Yahoo accounts.

  • CoreSpotlight items indexed with description don't display the description in Search.

Known Issues

Third-party app settings sometimes do not appear in Simulator.

Setup Assistant

Fixed in Beta 3

iForgot links don’t work in Setup Assistant.


Known Issue

Siri Eyes Free may not work in this beta.


Fixed in Beta 3

containsNode: and containedNodeSet do not work in this beta.


Known Issues

  • Tapping a Mail message, Maps favorites, Note, or Message in search results does not open the app on some devices.

  • After upgrading to this beta, some contacts are not searchable in Spotlight.


Known Issue

After purchasing a cellular data plan on an iPad, it may display an alert that indicates the plan has expired.

Workaround: Wait a few minutes, then toggle airplane mode.


Fixed in Beta 3

UIModalPresentationPopover style doesn't update its barButtonItem anchor position when the window is resized.


  • In iOS 9, when layoutIfNeeded is sent to a view and all of the following conditions are satisfied (which is not common), we apply fitting-size constraints (width/height = 0 atUILayoutPriorityFittingSizeLevel) instead of required size constraints (width/height required to match current size):

    1. The receiver is not yet in the subtree of a view that hosts a layout engine, such as window, view controller view (unless you have settranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints to NOfalse on that view—or created constraints that have one item in its subtree and one item outside it), table view cell content view, and so on.

    2. The final ancestor (that is, top-level view) of the receiver has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NOfalse.

    3. The top-level view has a subview that is not a UIViewController-owned layout guide that also has translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints set to NOfalse.

    Under condition 1, we create a temporary layout engine from the top-level view and add all the constraints from the subtree to it. The problem is that we need to add some constraints that make the size of the top-level view unambiguous in the layout engine. The old behavior (prior to iOS 9) was that we would add constraints to restrict the size of the top-level view to its current bounds for any situation under condition 1. This really doesn’t make sense when you add conditions 2 & 3 and can result in unsatisfiable-constraints logging and broken layout.

    So on iOS 9, for this special case only, we use fitting-size constraints instead.

    This means that if you are sending layoutIfNeeded to a view under these conditions on iOS 9, you must be sure that either you have sufficient constraints to establish a size for the top-level view (which usually, though not always, is the receiver) or you must add temporary size constraints to the top-level view of layout size you desire before sendinglayoutIfNeeded, and remove them afterward.

  • For apps linked on iOS 9 or later, UITextView will now always correctly constrict its NSTextContainer to the fit inside the view when scrolling is disabled. Overflowing lines that lie outside of an NSTextContainer, even partially, are not rendered.

    In previous iOS releases, the NSTextContainer sometimes was not constricted in size. This meant that logically overflowing lines were erroneously rendered. If you are seeing previously rendered lines at the end of your text view no longer rendered after linking your app against iOS 9, this behavior change is the likely cause. You can remedy this by making your UITextView larger, or perhaps by adjusting the bottom value of the text view's textContainerInset property.

  • There is a redesigned UI for printing that includes a print preview (presented from UIPrintInteractionController or UIActivityViewController). For apps that provide printing items or use only built-in UIPrintFormatter objects (such as UISimpleTextPrintFormatter, UIMarkupTextPrintFormatter, UIWebViewPrintFormatter, or theUIViewPrintFormatter of any system-provided view), nothing additional is needed for the print preview to display.

    Apps that subclass UIPrintPageRenderer or UIPrintFormatter to draw content for printing must be built with the iOS 9 SDK for the preview to display. The behavior ofUIPrintPageRenderer has been updated to call drawPageAtIndex:inRect: multiple times with potentially different page sizes and margins. Various methods onUIPrintPageRenderer may be called from a non-main thread, but never from multiple threads concurrently.

  • UIPickerView and UIDatePicker are now resizable and adaptive—previously, these views would enforce a default size even if you attempted to resize them. These views also now default to a width of 320 points on all devices, instead of to the device width on iPhone.

    Interfaces that rely on the old enforcement of the default size will likely look wrong when compiled for iOS 9. Any problems encountered can be resolved by fully constraining or sizing picker views to the desired size instead of relying on implicit behavior.

Watch App

Known Issues

  • Pairing iOS 9 beta 3 with watchOS 2 beta 1 or 2 requires you to sign out of your AppleID in Messages prior to pairing and to skip iCloud sign-in during pairing. Pairing with watchOS 2 beta 3 and watchOS 1 is not impacted.

  • Tapping Cancel does not work in the iForgot work flows in Watch Setup Assistant.



The if-domain and unless-domain value strings only match the exact domain. To match the domain and any subdomains, begin the string with the asterisk character (*).

'iOS' 카테고리의 다른 글

애플 watchOS 2 릴리즈 노트 베타4  (0) 2015.08.03
iOS 8.4 업데이트  (0) 2015.07.01
iOS 9 릴리즈 노트 구글 번역본  (0) 2015.06.09


이 릴리즈는 향상된 성능, 오류 수정 및 새로 디자인된 이모티콘 키보드를 포함합니다. 변경된 사항은 다음과 같습니다.

향상된 성능:

  • App 실행
  • App 반응성
  • 메시지
  • Wi-Fi
  • 제어 센터
  • Safari 탭
  • 타사 키보드
  • 키보드 단축키
  • 중국어(간체) 키보드

Wi-Fi 및 Bluetooth 수정사항

  • 로그인 자격 증명을 계속 요청받던 문제 수정
  • 일부 장비에서 간헐적으로 Wi-Fi 네트워크 연결이 해제되던 문제 해결
  • 핸즈프리 전화 통화가 연결 해제되던 문제 수정
  • 일부 Bluetooth 스피커에서 오디오가 재생되지 않던 문제 수정

방향 및 회전 수정사항

  • 때때로 가로 화면 방향으로 회전한 후 세로 화면 방향으로 다시 회전할 수 없던 문제 해결
  • 장비를 세로 화면 방향 및 가로 화면 방향으로 회전할 때 발생하는 성능 및 안정성 문제 개선
  • 주머니에서 iPhone 6 Plus를 꺼내면 장비의 화면 방향이 거꾸로 되던 문제 수정
  • 멀티태스킹으로 App을 전환한 후 가끔 App이 올바른 화면 방향으로 회전되지 않던 문제 해결

메시지 수정사항

  • 그룹 메시지가 때때로 분리되던 문제 해결
  • 개별 메시지를 전달하거나 삭제하는 기능이 때때로 사라지던 문제 수정
  • 메시지에서 사진을 찍을 때 때때로 미리보기가 나타나지 않는 문제 해결
  • 메시지 App에서 직접 정크 메시지로 보고할 수 있는 기능 추가
  • 사용자의 연락처에 없는 사람이 보낸 iMessages를 필터링할 수 있는 기능 추가

가족 공유 수정사항

  • 가족 구성원의 장비에서 특정 App이 실행되지 않거나 업데이트되지 않는 오류 수정
  • 가족 구성원이 특정 무료 App을 다운로드할 수 없던 오류 수정
  • 구입 요청 알림에 대한 신뢰성 향상

CarPlay 수정사항

  • 지도가 검은색 화면이 되던 문제 수정
  • UI가 올바르지 않게 회전되던 문제 수정
  • CarPlay 화면에 나타나지 말아야 할 키보드가 나타나던 문제 수정

기업용 수정사항

  • 기업용 App 설치 및 업데이트 신뢰성 향상
  • IBM Notes에서 생성된 캘린더 이벤트의 시간대 수정
  • 재시동 후 Web Clip 아이콘이 일반 아이콘이 되던 문제 수정
  • 웹 프록시 암호 저장에 대한 신뢰성 향상
  • 외부 답장에 대해 Exchange 부재 중 메시지를 이제 개별적으로 편집 가능
  • 일시적인 연결 문제에 대해 Exchange 계정 복구 향상
  • VPN 및 웹 프록시 솔루션 호환성 향상
  • 공용 Wi-Fi 네트워크에 연결할 때와 같이 Safari 웹 시트에 로그인할 때 물리적 키보드 사용 허용
  • 긴 메모가 있는 Exchange 회의가 잘리던 문제 수정

손쉬운 사용 수정사항

  • Safari에서 뒤로 버튼을 사용할 때 VoiceOver 제스처가 응답하지 않던 문제 수정
  • 임시 저장 Mail 메시지에서 VoiceOver 초점의 신뢰성이 떨어지던 문제 수정
  • 점자 화면 입력을 사용하여 웹 페이지 양식에 텍스트를 입력할 수 없던 문제 수정
  • 점자 디스플레이에서 빠른 탐색을 토글할 때 빠른 탐색이 꺼져있다고 나오던 문제 수정
  • VoiceOver가 활성화되어 있을 때 App 아이콘이 홈 화면에서 움직이지 않던 문제 수정
  • 일시 정지 후 화면 말하기가 다시 시작되지 않던 화면 말하기 문제 수정

기타 개선사항 및 오류 수정사항

  • 300개 이상의 새로운 이모티콘이 있는 새로 디자인된 이모티콘 키보드
  • iCloud 사진 보관함이 OS X 10.10.3의 새로운 사진 App과 동작하도록 최적화되었으며 정식 출시됨
  • 지도에서 턴 바이 턴 내비게이션의 거리 이름을 말하는 발음 향상
  • Baum VarioUltra 20 및 VarioUltra 40 점자 디스플레이 지원 포함
  • 투명도 줄이기가 켜져 있을 때 Spotlight 결과 표시 향상
  • iPhone 6 Plus 가로 화면 방향 키보드의 이탤릭체 및 밑줄체 포맷 옵션 추가
  • Apple Pay에 사용하는 배송 및 청구 주소 제거 기능 추가
  • Siri가 지원되는 언어 및 국가 추가: 영어(인도, 뉴질랜드), 덴마크어(덴마크), 네덜란드어(네덜란드), 포르투갈어(브라질), 러시아어(러시아), 스웨덴어(스웨덴), 태국어(태국), 터키어(터키)
  • 받아쓰기 언어 추가: 아랍어(사우디 아라비아, 아랍 에미리트 연합국) 및 히브리어(이스라엘)
  • 전화, Mail, Bluetooth 연결, 사진, Safari 탭, 설정, 날씨 및 음악의 Genius 재생목록의 안정성 향상
  • 특정 장비에서 밀어서 잠금 해제가 동작하지 않던 문제 해결
  • 가끔 잠금 화면에서 쓸어넘겨 전화 통화를 받을 수 없던 문제 해결
  • Safari PDF에서 링크가 열리지 않던 문제 해결
  • Safari 설정에서 방문 기록 및 웹 사이트 데이터 지우기를 선택해도 모든 데이터가 지워지지 않던 문제 수정
  • 'FYI'가 자동 수정되던 문제 수정
  • 빠른 답장에 예상 단어가 나타나지 않던 문제 해결
  • 지도가 하이브리드 모드에서 야간 모드로 바뀌지 않던 문제 수정
  • FaceTime URL을 사용하여 브라우저 또는 타사 App에서 FaceTime 통화를 시작할 수 없던 문제 해결
  • 때때로 사진이 Windows의 디지털 카메라 이미지 폴더에 제대로 보내지지 않던 문제 수정
  • iTunes에서 때때로 iPad 백업이 완료되지 않던 문제 수정
  • Wi-Fi에서 셀룰러 네트워크로 전환할 때 Podcast 다운로드가 멈추던 문제 수정
  • 잠금 화면에서 타이머의 남은 시간이 00:00으로 잘못 표시되던 문제 수정
  • 때때로 통화 음량이 조절되지 않던 문제 수정
  • 상태 막대가 때때로 나타나지 말아야 할 때 나타나던 문제 수정

이 업데이트의 보안 콘텐츠에 관한 자세한 정보를 보려면 다음 웹 사이트를 방문하십시오.

'iOS' 카테고리의 다른 글

iOS 9 릴리즈 노트 구글 번역본  (0) 2015.06.09
iOS 8.3 Beta 2 release notes  (0) 2015.02.24
iOS 8.2 beta 5 release notes  (0) 2015.02.10


iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.3 Beta 2



iOS SDK 8.3 provides support for developing iOS apps. The SDK is packaged with a complete set of tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. The tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software, you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8. It now includes WatchKit, a framework for developing Apple Watch apps. You can test your apps using the included iOS Simulator.

iOS SDK 8.3 is included in Xcode 6.3, which requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.10 (Yosemite) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

For issues not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, please file bugs through the Apple Developer website ( Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 8.3 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 8.3 to develop code.

App Extensions


  • App extensions need an arm64 slice to run on 64-bit devices. If you try to run the armv7 slice on a 64-bit device it won’t work.

  • Apps need to have an arm64 slice if the bundle contains a framework that both the app and the app extension link against.


Fixed in Beta 2

The dialog that appears when connecting an iPhone to a CarPlay-compatible car is not functional.


Known Issue

Creating an animated image using the UIImage method animatedImageWithImages:duration: and then playing the animation using startAnimating ignores the duration and plays back as fast as possible.

Workaround: Use startAnimatingWithImagesInRange:duration:repeatCount: instead.

LTE Voice

Known Issue

LTE Voice does not work properly with Verizon.

Workaround: If you are using Verizon, please set LTE to Data Only for this seed.

'iOS' 카테고리의 다른 글

아이폰 iOS 8.3 업데이트 내용 (한글)  (0) 2015.04.09
iOS 8.2 beta 5 release notes  (0) 2015.02.10
iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.2 Beta 3  (0) 2014.12.19


What’s New in Xcode

Xcode is the complete developer toolset used to create apps for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. The Xcode development environment bundles the Instruments analysis tool, iOS Simulator, and the OS frameworks in the form of iOS SDKs and OS X SDKs.

Highlights for Xcode 6 Beta

Xcode 6 Beta is the latest release of Apple’s integrated development environment. Xcode 6 Beta introduces new ways to design and build software, focusing on features and enhancements to improve your ability to adopt and expand upon core platform features, to design new interfaces, and to deliver high-quality applications.

Xcode 6 Beta includes Swift, an innovative new programming language, with a new interactive work area—a playground in which to experiment. Xcode 6 Beta also expands upon and extends its basic features with new live visualization capabilities.

Xcode 6 Beta includes the following highlighted features:

Swift Language

  • Advanced, innovative new object-oriented programming language for iOS and OS X development


Xcode 6 Features for Swift

  • Full support with playgrounds, a rich documentation experience, read-eval-print loop, and other advanced features

    See more details in Swift Language.

Additional Feature Enhancements for Xcode 6 IDE


  • Testing capabilities for performance measurement

  • Ability to test asynchronous code with enhanced XCTest

    See more details in Testing.

Interface Builder

  • Extensive new features that support live rendering, storyboards for OS X, versatile size classes, and custom iOS fonts

    See more details in Interface Builder.


  • New view debugger, enhanced queue debugging, and new debug gauges

    See more details in Debugging.

Sprite Kit

  • Enhanced game development with new level designer and improved debugging

  • Support for Sprite Kit and Scene Kit to work together on iOS

    See more details in Sprite Kit.

Extensions and Frameworks

  • Ability to add extensions to any app increasing functionality

  • Ability to create dynamic frameworks for iOS

    See more details in Extensions and Frameworks.

iOS Simulator

  • New iOS Simulator configurations that allow saving data and settings for reuse

    See more details in iOS Simulator.


  • XLIFF format support for strings localization

  • Automatic base language .strings generation

  • New Interface Builder assistant preview of alternative language UI

  • Ability to run apps as they appear in other locales

    See more details in Localization.


  • Profile Guided Optimization (PGO)

  • User-defined modules

    See more details in Compiler.


  • Updated user interface with new template chooser and track view

  • App extension profiling support

  • Profile tests to discover regression causes

    See more details in Instruments.

Xcode Server

  • More complex integration scenarios with triggers

  • Support for performance testing integrations

  • Greater control over bot configuration and execution; bot-level statistics

    See more details in Xcode Server.

Home Kit Accessory Simulator

For additional details on the Xcode 6 Beta release, see the seed release notes:


Xcode 6 Beta requires a Mac running OS X v10.9.3 (or later) or OS X v10.10. It includes SDKs for OS X v10.9, OS X v10.10, and iOS v8.0. To develop apps targeting prior versions of OS X or iOS, see About SDKs and the iOS Simulator.


Xcode 6 Beta can coexist on a Mac computer with previous versions of Xcode.

This prerelease version of Xcode is distributed as a single application bundle available from to authorized seed developers in a disk image file (DMG). To install during the beta period, open the downloaded DMG file and drag the Xcode icon to your Applications folder. Upon final release, Xcode is installed through the Mac App Store.

Developer Resources

The iOS and Mac developer programs provide access to the App Store, additional support and documentation, and provisioning resources to enable testing and deployment on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch device. For more information visit:

For discussions about any Apple developer software, including prerelease products, visit the Apple Developer Forums at

For the latest security information, visit

For more detailed information on a release, see the complete Xcode release notes available from the Xcode Help menu.

About SDKs and iOS Simulator

A software development kit (SDK) is a collection of frameworks (libraries, headers, and resources) that represent the API for a specific iOS or OS X version. Most of the functionality your app gets from an SDK is actually provided by the host operating system, which makes the right Base SDK and OS Deployment Target settings critical for app compatibility. Xcode automatically builds with the latest SDK and targets the latest OS.

If your app doesn’t require the latest OS features, you can configure it to run on a previous version of iOS or OS X using the OS Deployment Target option in the Xcode Project settings. If your project was created in an older version of Xcode, you can let Xcode update your project. For details on this features, see Project Modernization.

For iOS, Xcode automatically switches between the iOS Simulator SDK and the device SDK, depending on where you intend to run your app. You don’t need to select these settings manually.

Project Modernization

When you open a project, Xcode evaluates it to see whether any settings should be updated. This feature provides an easy way to make sure your projects conform to the latest SDKs and best practices.

Open the issue navigator to see whether anything in your project needs to be updated. You can also select the project in the project navigator and choose Editor > Validate Settings.

If the issue navigator lists modernization issues, click the issue to see a dialog, which explains the updates that should be made and lets you perform any or all of them.

After you have clicked Perform Changes, regardless of whether you choose to make all the changes, Xcode does not show the warning again. To rerun the check, select your project in the project navigator and choose Editor > Validate Settings.

New Features in Xcode by Release

Chapter articles are listed by major revision. Minor update release information is appended in the chapter for the major revision.

Xcode 6 Beta adds support for development on OS X v10.10 and iOS 8.0.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 6 Beta

Xcode 5.1 adds support for development on iOS 7.1.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 5.1

Xcode 5 adds support for development on iOS 7.0 and OS X v10.9.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 5

Xcode 4.6 adds support for development on iOS 6.1.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.6

Xcode 4.5 adds support for development on iOS 6.0.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.5

Xcode 4.4 adds support for new Objective-C language features and supports development on OS X v10.8.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.4

Xcode 4.3 adds enhancements to Xcode installation, improves operations and workflow, and support development for iOS 5.0.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.3

Xcode 4.2 adds enhancements to the features and workflow of Xcode 4.1 to support development for iOS 5.0.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.2

Xcode 4.1 adds enhancements to the features and workflow of Xcode 4.0 and, when running on OS X v10.7, implements user interface features standard in OS X v10.7 such as full-screen windows.

Relevant Chapter: New Features in Xcode 4.1

See Also

To learn more about Xcode, see Xcode Overview.

To learn more about the tasks and workflow required to develop and distribute OS X and iOS apps, see App Distribution Guide.


Xcode 6 베타 릴리즈 노트


'iOS' 카테고리의 다른 글

iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.2 Beta 3  (0) 2014.12.19
iOS8 베타5 SDK 릴리즈 노트  (0) 2014.08.05
iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.0 Beta  (0) 2014.06.03


iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 8.0 Beta



iOS SDK 8.0 provides support for developing iOS apps. It is packaged with a complete set of Xcode tools, compilers, and frameworks for creating apps for iOS and OS X. These tools include the Xcode IDE and the Instruments analysis tool, among many others.

With this software you can develop apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8. You can also test your apps using the included iOS Simulator, which supports iOS 8. iOS SDK 8.0 requires a Mac computer running OS X v10.9.3 (Mavericks) or later.

This version of iOS is intended for installation only on devices registered with the Apple Developer Program. Attempting to install this version of iOS in an unauthorized manner could put your device in an unusable state.

For more information and additional support resources, visit

Bug Reporting

To report any bugs not mentioned in the Notes and Known Issues section, use the Bug Reporter app or Bug Reporter on the Apple Developer website ( You can quickly get to the Bug Reporter app from the Notifications Panel. Additionally, you may discuss these issues and iOS SDK 8.0 in the Apple Developer Forums: To get more information about iCloud for Developers, go to

Notes and Known Issues

The following issues relate to using iOS SDK 8.0 to develop code.

App Store

Known Issue

Links to Developer websites from an apps developer page are broken.


Known Issues


Known Issue

Certain apps may crash on launch consistently if they came over from a Restore from Backup.

Workaround: Delete and re-download the app.

Bug Reporter

Known Issues

  • The switch in Developer Settings to hide Bug Reporter is not working.

    Workaround: Remove it from the Notification tab in Notification Center settings.

  • The Bug Reporter icon does not appear on the Home Screen on iPad.

    Workaround: Open the app from the Notification tab in Notification Center settings.

Camera connector

Known Issue

When attached, the camera connector is not offered as an import option.


Known Issues

  • After using Siri, audio quality goes to 24KHz regardless of where it was originally set.

  • CarPlay may crash when pressing the Back button when in Now Playing.

  • When using the knob only, the highlight can move off screen but the scroll position of view doesn't follow.

  • The Now Playing screen is missing the Back button in the top-left corner.


Known Issue

Clients sending multiple simultaneous record update requests to the same zone in the private database may encounter CKErrorZoneBusy errors.

Workaround: Clients should send update requests for a given zone one at a time. In addition, they should handle CKErrorZoneBusy errors by retrying with an exponential back off.



The Address Book UI people picker has been changed for iOS 8. A new mode with new API has been added where the app does not need access to the user’s contacts and the user will not be prompted for access. A temporary copy of the selected person is returned to the app. See ABPeoplePickerNavigationController.h for more details.

In this beta, you have the choice of using either the new mode or the old mode. The old mode will be deprecated in a future iOS 8 Beta, so you should migrate to the new mode as soon as possible.

See the new PeoplePicker: Picking a Person or Property sample project demonstrating usage of the new mode.


Known Issues

  • openURL does not work from an extension.

  • When Extension with UI is killed, it relaunches and is not dismissed.

  • Certain types of media, such as those synced from iTunes, are not editable in the Photos app.

  • Sharing extensions are enabled by default.

  • Sharing extensions display the name of the project instead of the name of the target.

  • If a Sharing extension or an Action extension hangs, it may be necessary to kill the hosting application.

  • Using xpc_service_set_attach_handler to profile app extensions for keyboard does not work.

    Workaround: Run your app extension in Simulator, then trigger the Keyboard extension to load and attach to the running instance (for example, (123)) from Instruments’ target chooser.

  • Sometimes Sharing or Action extensions are not updated properly after enabling or disabling.

    Workaround: Dismiss the Share sheet and relaunch it.

  • During a debug session, extensions may time out before loading.

  • Action extension view controllers do not support full-screen presentation.

  • Passing NSExtensionItem or NSItemProvider instances to UIActivityViewController does not work.

  • Action extensions do not animate smoothly when dismissed.


Known Issue

FaceTime does not work properly in landscape orientation.

Family Sharing

Known Issues

  • Shared purchase history page on Mac App Store and iOS App Store are disabled.

  • Items already owned by family members must be re-downloaded from the Purchased page (not Store pages) to get them free of additional charge.

  • Under 13 account creation is disabled in this beta.

  • While using the iTunes Store you may experience a spinner that never completes.

    Workaround: Log out and back in to iTunes to correct the issue.

  • Email invitations are not enabled; members can join using push notifications or via inline password entry flow.

  • Notifications for “Ask to Buy” are not available on older clients. After parental approval, kids will have to reinitiate the purchase.

  • You can't approve an “Ask to Buy” request from the requestor's iOS device.

  • Login to iCloud may be slow on iOS.

  • A blank screen may be seen after creating a family on iPad.

    Workaround: Tap on other settings and then back to iCloud settings.

  • “Ask to Buy” and Family Notifications may not appear due to SpringBoard crashing.

    Workaround: Reboot.

File Providers


Your app needs the iCloud documents entitlement to be able to use the document picker.

Known Issues

  • After installing or modifying an existing File Provider, you may need to restart the device for it to show up in the Document Picker.

  • File Provider extension sometimes crashes when trying to import a document from a document picker view controller.

  • Import/open causes sandbox denial on first try.

    Workaround: Please try again.

  • When using the document menu, make sure to log into iCloud to properly enable selecting iCloud Documents to return a UIDocumentViewController; from there, you may enable your File Provider extension.

  • File providers may hang when importing files.

  • File Provider extension will not load if changes are made to an existing file provider on device.

    Workaround: You need to either reboot the device or delete the app and reinstall it.

File System


The file system layout of app containers has changed on disk. Rather than relying on hard-coded directory structure, use the NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains function or the URLForDirectory:inDomain:appropriateForURL:create:error: method of the NSFileManager class. See Accessing Files and Directories.

Find My Friends


Now that the Share My Location feature is integrated into Messages, Find My Friends only supports the Apple ID configured in Settings > iCloud.

Find My iPhone

Known Issue

If you disable Location Services and choose Don’t Enable when prompted on the Find My iPhone page in Setup Assistant, Find My iPhone will not be enabled.


Known Issue

Some Hindi strings are incorrectly displayed and cause search and rendering issues.

Game Center

Known Issues

  • Interacting with some menus in Game Center may cause a crash.

  • Clicking Achievements and Challenges always opens Leaderboards.

  • Notifications may not go through to a second device.

    Workaround: For matchmaking, use automatch.

  • Invites to matchmaking may get stuck on Waiting.

    Workaround: Use automatch.

  • Swiping or tapping a Game Center friend request notification anywhere automatically accepts the friend request.

  • GameCenterUIService will crash if you try to send matchmaking invites multiple times.

    Workaround: Use automatch.


Known Issues

  • Handoff does not work properly for document-based apps.

  • Some apps that use Handoff will mistakenly show as Safari in the iOS lock screen and OS X Dock.

  • In some cases, not all devices associated with an Apple ID will pair successfully. These devices will be unable to use Handoff, Phone relay, or Tethering.

  • When using a Mac, Handoff may sometimes stop showing icons on other iOS and OS X devices. Powering the Mac off and then back on can sometimes work around this issue.

  • Handoff-based Bluetooth connections between devices may stop working after trying to use Handoff.

  • In some cases, using Handoff with Safari will result in an old URL being resumed instead of the current URL.

  • Directions and Navigation in Maps do not work with Handoff in this beta.

  • Phone calls to and from the Mac may sometimes not complete or send and receive audio.


Known Issues

  • HKCorrelationQuery only returns objects that were saved with correlations. It should return all data entries matching the predicate.

  • Blood pressure readings saved from Health will not have a correlation stored between the systolic and diastolic readings.


Known Issues

  • The “primary” property will not be available in HMService in the future.

  • HomeKit Bluetooth LE support is not enabled.

  • Siri may not immediately recognize HomeKit data changes.

    Workaround: To trigger an update to Siri, edit other data used by Siri, such as a contact or the name of a Reminders list.

  • Pairing with the Home Kit Accessory Simulator may fail the first time you try. A second pairing attempt should resolve the issue.

  • A bridge accessory only supports a total of 5 services for all bridged accessories.



  • Upon upgrading to iOS 8 Beta, existing iCloud Documents & Data present (not evicted) on your device are copied into special server-side containers for use during the beta period.

  • iCloud Documents & Data created with iOS 8 Beta will not sync with with Documents and Data managed with iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, or earlier operating systems.

  • iCloud Documents & Data in iOS 8 Beta will only sync with devices running iOS 8 and OS X v10.10 Developer Preview.

  • iCloud Documents & Data managed with iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks will remain unaffected.

  • iCloud Documents & Data created with iOS 8 Beta will be deleted from the servers at some point during the beta period. Information downloaded and not evicted from the device will remain on device and will re-sync after the data wipe occurs.

  • The UI for managing iCloud Documents & Data does not show the documents and data for iOS 8 Beta and OS X v10.10 Developer Preview. It only shows the documents and data synced with previous operating systems.

Known Issue

  • In some cases, signing into iCloud can take up to two minutes.

iTunes Store

Known Issues

  • Opening iTunes Radio URLs from the iTunes Store music grouping page display a page that asks you to upgrade to iOS 7.

  • The shelf is not displayed on first sign-in or first launch.

    Workaround: Relaunch the store from the App Switcher.


Known Issues

  • In some cases, you may need to restart an app to get third-party keyboard input to register.

  • If an iPad is restored while in landscape, it may end up with an offscreen keyboard in certain views.

    Workaround: Reboot the device.

  • Custom Keyboards do not have Network Access even after setting the RequestsOpenAccess key to YES in the plist.

  • Deploying a third-party keyboard multiple times may cause the system keyboard to render incorrectly or go blank.

    Workaround: Kill the hosting app or reboot the device.

  • The requestSupplementaryLexiconWithCompletion: method does not return any lexicon entries.


Known Issue

Keychain Access developer APIs may not work in Simulator.


Known Issue

There are a number of strings that will display in English for people running the iOS in other languages. Known areas of concern include, but are not limited to:

  • Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod

  • iBooks in Hindi is in English

  • Many strings in the Camera app

  • Locations in Messages

  • Apple Dictionary untranslated for French (Canada) and Traditional Chinese (Honk Kong)

  • Family Sharing Request Dialogs

  • Calendar notifications

  • Error dialogs

  • Time units in Videos and Music

  • Adding events in Mail

  • Safari search and privacy strings

  • Photos

  • Setup assistant

  • Predictive typing

  • Voice Memos

  • Units in Health

Location Services

Known Issues

  • When Location Services is turned on, the device’s current location is used to recommend relevant apps on the lock screen. In this beta, this happens whether or not the App Store is enabled for Location Services.

    Workaround: To disable app recommendation on the lock screen, turn off Location Services.

  • The CLVisit class incorrectly declares the coordinate and horizontalAccuracy properties as read/write.

  • Apps using visit monitoring that are denied location authorization via Settings may appear to continue using location when they are not.

  • Visit monitoring may continue if an app is uninstalled while it is monitoring for visits.

Lost Mode

Known Issues

  • A device doesn’t display the Lost Mode message in the lock screen if the device was locked at the time it was put into Lost Mode.

    Workaround: Reboot the device.

  • After remote wiping a device and logging into the same ( iCloud account, the Lost Mode lock screen is displayed and the device cannot be unlocked.


Known Issues

  • Sometimes Mail crashes when replying to an email with an attachment.

  • On iPad, trying to add a contact via a Suggestion Banner causes Mail to hang.

    Workaround: Quit and relaunch Mail.


Known Issues

  • MKMapItem called with -[MKMapItem url] that have no URL return “http://(null)” when the should return nil.

  • On iPad, tapping on “Points of Interest” can cause Maps to hang.

    Workaround: Kill Maps from the App Switcher and relaunch it.

  • Taking multiple snapshots using MKMapSnapshotter can sometimes produce a distorted map snapshot.

    Workaround: Reinitialize a new class between subsequent snapshots.

Media Player

Known Issue

MediaPlayer.framework - MPVolumeSettingsAlertShow() does not display a volume slider or the AirPlay controller.


Known Issue

The string “Location” appears in non-English languages.


Known Issue

Radio Redirect links from product pages do not work.


Known Issue

Content downloaded via NKAssetDownload doesn’t get returned to the app.


Known Issue

Some app crashes cause Family notifications to stop appearing.

Workaround: Family notifications will come back after a reboot.


Known Issues

  • Passes added on iOS 7 devices won’t appear in iOS 8 devices, and vice versa.

  • Pulling down to refresh passes does not work.


Known Issues

  • Missed calls and recent call info doesn’t always update properly.

  • Double height status bar does not always dismiss for phone and FaceTime calls.

  • Tapping a Maps pin during a call causes a hang.

  • Bringing up a contact card in Mail during a call causes a hang.

  • Phone call relay uses Bluetooth, when it should be using Wi-Fi. Since not all devices have the necessary BT support, this may fail on some hardware.

  • Phone call relay sometimes results in poor audio quality.

  • Sometimes the FaceTime Audio icon appears when FaceTime Audio is not available.



  • Back up your photo libraries before enabling iCloud Photo Library by:

    • Importing to your Mac using iPhoto

    • Importing to your Mac using Image Capture

  • Enabling iCloud Photo Library will not add photos/videos that have been synced with iTunes to the cloud.

Known Issues

  • The ability to automatically optimize device space is not enabled in this beta.

  • “Save to Camera Roll” button in a Shared stream doesn’t work.

  • If you turn off iCloud before disabling iCloud Photo Library, synced photos are still present on your device.

    Workaround: After signing back in to your iCloud account, turn iCloud Photo Library off and then back on.

  • If you turn on iCloud Photo Library while an iCloud restore is in progress, your initial upload will not happen until the restore completes.

  • When using iCloud Family, both iCloud Photos and My Photostream are enabled.

  • After restore from iCloud backup, modified photos may show unmodified thumbnails.

  • If you reach your iCloud quota, there is no way to add or delete data within the Photos app.

  • Items deleted from the Recently Deleted album don’t sync to other devices.

  • Slow motion clips that have been trimmed sync to other devices as a gray thumbnail.

  • iCloud Photo downloads stall when a device is idle for a long period of time.

    Workaround: Sync resumes when the device wakes up.

  • If both iCloud Photos and Photostream are enabled, duplicate photos are displayed.

  • iCloud Photo Library does not upload Photos synced from iTunes.

  • When uploading large libraries, users may encounter a stall when syncing.

    Workaround: Reboot the device.

  • iPhoto for iOS will not launch on iOS 8 Beta. Launching will migrate your iPhoto edits to the iOS 8 Photo Library. Make sure your iPhoto for iOS data is included in your device backup.



PHContentEditingController protocol methods may be called on background threads.


Known Issue

When you select Edit in a list of reminders and then scroll, reminders in the list are no longer editable.

Screen Capture

Known Issue

QuickTime Player X is unable to connect to iPad Air devices for screen capture.


Known Issues

  • Settings sometimes crashes upon addition of a third-party keyboard.

  • The screen brightness slider in Settings does not work.

    Workaround: Use Control Center to adjust the screen brightness.

  • When signing out of iCloud, the account will actually be signed out, but the UI will not correctly reflect this until the user goes out of iCloud settings and back into it.

  • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync does not work.

  • Sometimes Settings shows an iCloud Drive/iCloud Documents incompatibility dialog and will not let you press OK.

    Workaround: Wait a couple of minutes and then press OK again.

  • You are unable to use the “Forgot Apple ID or Password” dialog on your device.

    Workaround: Reset passwords from


Known Issue

Updating iCloud settings screen may appear to hang during setup.

Workaround: Some accounts may have an extra long lag. Wait a couple of minutes and they should complete.


Known Issues

  • Logging into Game Center from the Settings app will result in an error:

    • Unable to connect to server. The operations couldn't be completed. (Cocoa error 4097.)

    Workaround: Dismiss the alert and continue to log in or sign in through the Game Center app.

  • Apps deployed to CarPlay do not launch or display controls.

  • Changing keyboards in Settings > General > Keyboard requires you to relaunch your app before the new settings are observed.

  • The resizable iPhone does not work.

  • If a resizable device is being used in iOS Simulator, keyboard input will go to the width and height text fields if they have focus. If you want input to go to the hosted iOS app, you will need to use the Tab key to change focus away from the text field.

  • If you rename after having previously run it, Simulator stops working.

    Workaround: Reboot or revert the name change.


Known Issues

  • Localized strings for Voice Activation phrases don’t appear in Settings > General > Siri.

    Voice Activation phrase for each Siri Language:

    • English (US, UK, AU, CA): Hey Siri

    • French (FR, CA, CH): Dis Siri

    • German (DE, CH): Hey Siri

    • German (DE, CH): Hey Siri

    • Italian (IT, CH): Ehi Siri

    • Japanese (JP): Hey Siri

    • Chinese - Cantonese (HK): 喂Siri

    • Chinese - Mandarin (CN, TW): 嘿Siri

    • Spanish (MX, SP, US): Oye Siri

    • Korean (KR): Siri야

  • If you use Bluetooth to activate Siri and ask what song is playing, Siri fails to identify the song.



UILabel has a default value of YES for clipsToBounds. This differs from the normal UIView default of NO.

Known Issues

  • There is no publicly available way to customize the search key for a UISearchBar.

  • UIScrollViewcontentInset is not set correctly when pushing a navigation controller on a navigation controller in a UISVC.

  • Share sheets sometimes include the “Send to Shared Photostream” item when they should not.

  • If an app is using a xib as its main window and is launched in landscape iPad, the main window will have the incorrect dimensions, causing significant distortion and difficulty using presented view controllers. An app may have to be force-quit after presenting a system view controller to function again.

    Workaround: Launch all apps in portrait before rotating to landscape.



Subpixel rendering is now on by default for all web content. Web sites or in-app web views with extremely tight design constraints may render differently. Solutions for each issue will vary, but use Web Inspector to adjust position, border thickness, and width or height of elements.

Known Issues

  • Applications that use Apache Cordova/PhoneGap are broken due to a bug that causes the window.navigator.userAgent object to become undefined when window.navigator is replaced by a pure JavaScript wrapper object.

  • If you pass NULL for the fqdn parameter of SecRequestSharedWebCredential as recommended, only the first domain in the entitlement is used.

  • SecRequestSharedWebCredential and SecAddSharedWebCredential currently only work on device, not in Simulator.


Known Issue

Mapviews do not load tiles in widgets.




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